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The Internship Programme of KSS is a leadership development model for those who are dedicated to the cause of building a world in which women, girls and children from the marginalized sections of society are able to live a life of dignity. The Internship Programme helps to develop professional skills and social conscientiousness. KSS provides opportunities for national and international students to gather experience in a field which could help them gain school/college/university credit and also aid in the determination of long term career goals. During the internship, students will be allotted to different Project areas where they will experience the living conditions of the communities we work with.

The organization has identified the following thrust areas for interns:

  • Child Rights
  • Women Empowerment
  • Youth Development
  • Promotion of education
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Rural development
  • SHG and Microfinance
  • Human Trafficking

If interested in voluntary work/an internship position or a campaign, please note the following:

• Send your cv with supporting documents to info@kssindia.org. In the Subject line, write volunteer/internship/campaign and indicate your area of interest- education, health, livelihood, or events and campaigns.

• In the case of students, a no objection letter issued by the educational institution and bearing the signature of the appropriate authority along with the seal of the institution should be attached. A similar no objection letter is also required from the parent/guardian.

  • Indicate clearly the time you would like to dedicate to the organization and any other relevant information
  • Volunteer/Internship positions can extend from 15 days to 3 months. For events and campaigns the time frame is one day to one week.

• Go through our website carefully to match your skill set with your desired area of work. The organization will strive for as close a match as possible.

• KSS does not provide any stipend/salary to volunteers/interns.

  • The organization awards volunteers/interns with certificates.
  • Professional and responsible behavior is expected from volunteers/interns at all times and any misconduct shall be reported to the educational institution/parent or guardian.